CorsixTH for Android is a port of CorsixTH to Android. CorsixTH is an open source clone of Bullfrog/EA’s classic Theme Hospital, released in 1997, with the intention of making it run on modern hardware and unlock the potential for extending and improving the game in the future.


If you do not have access to Google Play on your device, you can download the latest version here:

Download “CorsixTH for Android” CTH-release- – Downloaded 27356 times – 12 MB


To run CorsixTH on Android , your phone or tablet must meet the following requirements:

  • A screen resolution of at least 640×480 (this covers nearly all tablets and most high-end phones)
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or later
  • At least 25MB free (+200MB if you want to use the full version. +15MB for music)

Currently Google TV and Intel powered devices are not supported.


  • To move around the map, drag with two fingers.
  • Long-press an object to pick it up or rotate it.

How to install

  • Download and install the latest version of CorsixTH for Android on your phone.
  • Open the .apk file to install onto your phone.
If you wish to use the original game files to unlock the full game (Full instructions with pictures are available here):
  • Mount your SD card on your computer either via USB or card reader.
  • Create a directory called ‘th’ on the SD card.
  • Copy your Theme Hospital files into this directory
  • Disconnect the phone from the computer.
  • Run CorsixTH from your launcher
  • Complete the setup wizard


If you can help translate CorsixTH for Android and are willing to donate some of your time to advancing the translation in your language, then please register at the crowdin translation tool to get started. Thank you!

Bug Reports and Feedback

If you want to help improve the quality of CorsixTH for Android, then I would really appreciate it if you could send me any bug reports or feedback. I have very limited access to Android devices so the only way I can support different devices is by receiving feedback.

If you’ve got a bug to report then please file an issue at GitHub:

Otherwise, please feel free to contact me either by using the form on this website or by sending me an e-mail.

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  • Anonymous

    Need iphone app!!
    just got a samsung galaxy y with resolution 240×320

  • Zui

    Thanks really a lot for the fantastic port 🙂 works like a charm on my gt-i9100 with an aokp based rom, jb 4.1.2

  • RacingHart

    Hi,this game was amazing,please port for windows phone 8.

    • Possibly in the future. I’d need to get my hands on a WP8 device first though.

  • Aphastus

    Are you planning to port it to iOS? I need this game in my iPad!

    • Not soon. I don’t have a Mac or any iOS devices at the moment. I’ll never say never though, and if I ever find myself with a Mac and a dev license then I’ll definitely take a look.

  • Jefferson Messina

    Problem : i can’t go in the menu, it disappears, and i don’t know how to change position of the objets !

    • Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S4? I’ve had one person report a bug on that phone where the menu isn’t visible, but pressing the volume up/down key makes the menu display as a workaround. I’m not sure on the cause, and I don’t have the means to test it just yet unfortunately.

      As for picking up objects, the controls are on this very page. If that doesn’t work then it’s also a bug, but I’m not aware of any problems at the moment.

      • Jefferson Messina

        Yes i have a S4 and it works with pressing volume up/down thanks ! I see how to change objets it works too 🙂 Thanks a lot guy ! And thanks again I really loved this game 🙂

      • I’ve been told that upgrading to Android 4.3 fixes this bug. I don’t know if that option is available to you at the moment, but if it is then I’d recommend upgrading.

  • Jefferson Messina

    Hi guy, i had an other question : if i wanted to use this file ( : the version with the patch for level 5), how can I do please ?

    • You don’t need the patch – it’s already fixed in CorsixTH.

      Versions from abandonware sites are known to cause issues with CorsixTH. You’re best getting from a source listed on the FAQ page.

      • Jefferson Messina

        Thanks a lot you’re a chief. I had the CD’s version but I don’t know where i’ve put it ;p. is the best to download it I see. Can we have a French’s version on it ?

      • Yep, CorsixTH has french support and the app is mostly translated into French at the moment. You get the option to select the language when you first run the game, or you can change it in the settings.

  • fay

    When I play the game, I tab the home key to run another app, then I go in to continue the game, but it stay pause. Please tell me how to restart the game, thank you.

    • There’s an option to change the game speed in the menu – you can pause it there. There’s an option in the menu to restart the level also.

      • fay

        Yeah! I found it, thank you!

  • Charlotte

    I’m using an ASUS tablet and have the disc which I copied files from onto my SD card which is in tablet. All in th folder but the game cannot find the files and doesn’t recognise the file location manually either. I love this game and want to play the full version.

  • Gary

    Love the port! you made my day! Im using my hp slatebook x2 and the desktop controls are great, but im not able to rotate objects. Please help?

    • With the desktop controls, it should just be the right mouse button.

      • Gary

        Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, the keyboard touchpad does not come with a right button. I dont think Android has a right button control? The best way is to use the same press and hold to rotate. Or left and right arrows

  • JimmyConway

    Hey, I just discovered this great port today, and it works very well on my Xiaomi Mipad tablet.

    I’m using a generic usb mouse and the right button seems to be the android back button, and the scroll wheel button is Home. So whenever I press one of these, well, I am kicked back to my home screen. Any way to “fix” this?

    Anyway, thanks for this wonderful piece of software. Kudos!

  • Karlitov

    Is there a fix for the soft keyboard not appearing? I kind of really want to change my player name.

  • Gabriel Moraes

    Hey, I’m encountering a bug. After the app finds my game files, it presents me a menu and a screen with some tips. I can change through tips and move both windows around, but if I press any button of the menu, the cursor seems to get stuck “clicking”. The menu option I chosen doesn’t open, I can’t “unclick” and if I click somewhere else, it just moves the window. The only thing I can do is to close the game (by using the back button, as neither the “exit” option works).

    LG G3, CM12, Android 5.0.2

    • Hi. This is a bug on Android 5 devices. I’ve pushed a build to the beta channel which hopefully has a fix for this and some other issues and if that’s stable then I will release it as a new version later this week.

  • Junseong Kim

    Hi, I translate all Korean for Android. but I don’t know how approved 100% and complete. I hope play the game with Korean soon. bye~ 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s usually best to have at least one other person to confirm the translations, but as you’re the only active Korean translator at the moment and it’s unlikely that there’ll be another in a reasonable time frame, I’ve made you a proofreader. This means you can approve the translations and I can include them in the next version!

  • Quidgebo

    Just got update 0.7.2 and very happy to have CorsixTH back on my Nexus 7 (post Lollipop update).

    Shall restart my old save level and re-save to be safe. Just thank you as I’m sure you have many things going on so glad you’ve stuck with us 🙂