CorsixTH for Android v0.3.1 – What’s new

I just realised that I haven’t made a post about the changes in the 0.3.x versions of CorsixTH for Android. There’s been quite a few things that I’ve been working on since the feedback received from 0.2.2, and I’ve still got a to-do list full of things to work on over the next few weeks.

New Menu

It was obvious that the diddy little menu at the top of the screen wasn’t really going to work on touchscreens. Whilst it’s just about usable on a tablet, there’s no way that anyone can be expected to use it accurately on a phone. I’ve settled on a button in the top left which will open up an Android interface with some of the typical game options in. From here, you can reach a selection of the options from the old menu. I expect to add to and rearrange this menu as the demand for additional options arises, but I felt it was urgent that an alternative interface to basic functionality like Load and Save was added. As a bonus, there’s also Quick Load / Quick Save options which I felt were missing from CorsixTH.

In 0.3.1, the option to adjust the game speed was added to the menu.


I’ve worked on improving the accuracy of the two finger dragging. In 0.2.2, I found that (especially on larger screens) when pressing and lifting, the map would ‘jump’ about. Hopefully, this should be fixed now and scrolling in general should be much smoother.

As part of these changes, I moved away from using two fingers for other actions. Instead, where a two finger press would be used before, it has been replaced with a long press with one finger. This includes rotating objects. Although this means that it now takes longer to rotate an object, pressing with two fingers felt a bit clumsy.

In general, the controls should be a bit more responsive and accurate – especially on tablets.


I’ve enabled support for OpenGL ES v2, which is available to 90%+ of all Android powered devices. Because of this, I’m going to stop supporting GLESv1, but hopefully that should affect nobody as those devices without support for GLESv2 probably fail other requirements too.

I’ve swapped Lua with LuaJIT, which should result in quicker, smoother gameplay (and hopefully be a little kinder on battery life and CPU usage too).

Loading times have been improved too; The game starts nearly instantly on my Nexus 7.

Game Updates

As with every version, I’ve synced with the CorsixTH repositories to include all the latest updates to the CorsixTH project. That means that all the bug fixes and new features from the past few weeks should be available in new games. Some particular highlights include Earthquakes and improved Handyman behaviour.

Bug Fixes + Other Changes

I’ve squashed some general bugs and made improvements to the wizard – especially the original game files screen and the download routines for music and demo files. It should now be able to detect your game files no matter where you put them on your phone. It will also check to make sure that the game files are complete enough to play.

As always, suggestions and bug reports are very much welcome at Any other comments or if you need help with something, can be sent to me by email (click Contact at the top) or directly below in the comments. You can also find my on Twitter and Google+, if you prefer (check the icons at the top).