CorsairLINK doesn’t work when resuming from sleep

I love my Corsair H100i liquid cooler and the CorsairLINK software is quite nice, but I’ve noticed a bug where it doesn’t work correctly when it resumes from standby. The fan RPM doesn’t update and CorsairLINK won’t change the fan speed in accordance with temperature. Obviously, this could have disastrous consequences if unnoticed.

Until Corsair fix this bug, I’ve produced a little workaround which simply restarts CorsairLINK when the computer resumes from sleep.

  1. Copy the following into notepad and save as corsair_restart.bat somewhere on your computer. I recommend the root of your user account (e.g. c:\users\alan\corsair_restart.bat), but it doesn’t have to be.
    @echo off
    rem Change this to point to your CorsairLINK2 installation directory
    set CORSAIR_LOCATION=C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\CorsairLINK2
    echo Killing existing processes
    taskkill -f -im CorsairLink2.exe
    taskkill -f -im CorsairLINK_HardwareMonitor.exe
    echo Restarting Hardware Monitor
    start /d "%CORSAIR_LOCATION%" CorsairLINK_HardwareMonitor.exe
    echo Restarting Application
    timeout /t 2
    start /min /d "%CORSAIR_LOCATION%" CorsairLink2.exe
  2. Change the line beginning “set CORSAIR_LOCATION” to point to your CorsairLINK installation directory. The default will be correct for the majority of people.
  3. Open Task Scheduler
  4. Click Create Task in the pane on the right.
  5. In the Create Task window, give the task a name like Restart CorsairLINK and make sure the checkbox at the bottom entitled Run with highest privileges is selected, then click on the Triggers tab at the top.Create Task
  6. In the Triggers tab, click on New to add a new trigger. Choose On an Event from the dropdown box at the top. Under Log choose System; from Source choose Power-Troubleshooter; and under Event ID enter 1. Make sure the Enabled box is checked at the bottom and click OK.New Trigger
  7. In the Actions tab, click New. Select Start a Program from the dropdown at the top and enter the following into the Program/Script box, making sure that you update the path to point to wherever you saved the file in step 1, then click OK.
    cmd /c start "Restart CorsairLINK" /min "c:\users\alan\corsair_restart.bat"
  8. The following window will appear to which you must click No.
  9. Click OK to save your task. You can right-click on your newly created task and choose Run to test it.


I really hope that Corsair fix this problem with a software update shortly, but until then, my workaround has allowed me to use sleep mode on my computer without worrying about my computer overheating.