How to pair the Avitoy p3 Bluetooth controller

I bought a bundle of PlayStation 3 controllers from eBay and one of the included controllers looked at first to be a 3rd party PS3 controller. In fact it was a Bluetooth controller. When in pairing mode, it identifies itself as an “Avitoy p3”.

I wasn’t able to pair it to anything because whenever I try it asks for a passcode to be entered on the controller – without any obvious way of entering a code on the controller!

By a stroke of luck I was able to find the user manual in the depths of the Avitoy website. It is no longer available on their site, so I’ve uploaded it here and linked to an mirror. It reveals the secret of getting this thing paired.


After you’ve put it into pairing mode (press the power button briefly), it is discoverable via Bluetooth. Pair with the device and it will present a pairing code.

Each button on the controller maps to a number. You need to press the buttons on the controller that correspond to the numbers in the pairing code in sequence, followed by the Start button. The mapping is as follows:

  • 0 – L1
  • 1 – D-pad Up
  • 2 – D-pad Left
  • 3 – D-pad Down
  • 4 – D-pad Right
  • 5 – Triangle
  • 6 – Square
  • 7 – X
  • 8 – Circle
  • 9 – R1

For example, if the pass code is 5079 you would press : Triangle, L1, X, R1, Start

The avitoy p3 controller showing the buttons and numbers that correspond to the pairing code.

Mirror (

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