Downloading Programmes From 4od – Linux

There used to be an official application created by Channel 4 which allowed you to download from their on-demand service, 4od, but this has since been discontinued and is no longer available. This sucks if you don’t have a stable or quick internet connection, because it means that you have to put up with buffering and low quality streams available. It’s understandable as to why it’s no longer available; Channel 4 is not like the BBC which is uniquely funded by the TV license, but rather relies on advertising to generate revenue. Download programmes and watching them outside of the 4od framework obviously denies them this revenue source, so please consider this solution only if streaming shows from the 4od channel on YouTube or via the 4od website is unreasonable.

Rob Watkins has created a Ruby script which allows you to download 4od programmes from the website and play them back in a local media player. He has made it publicly available on GitHub with instructions on how to use it on OS X. Here’s how to get it running on Linux.


CorsixTH for Android v0.3.1 – What’s new

I just realised that I haven’t made a post about the changes in the 0.3.x versions of CorsixTH for Android. There’s been quite a few things that I’ve been working on since the feedback received from 0.2.2, and I’ve still got a to-do list full of things to work on over the next few weeks. (more…)

New test version available

Over the past month, this project has had a lot of attention for which I’m very grateful. My e-mail inbox has been filled with some fantastic comments and constructive criticism which I’m slowly working my way through, and there’s still comments on this blog and on GitHub which I haven’t got round to addressing yet. I’m starting to collect all the suggestions and bug reports to try to work out the best order to tackle them, but if you think I’ve missed something then I’d love to hear it. The GitHub issue tracker is the best place to put these as I can manage them a bit better.

New version

I’ve prepared a new test version in which I’ve tried to focus mainly on stability and performance improvements. I’ve squashed a few bugs that would cause problems if you tried to run the game with incomplete game files, and improved the error handling so that if something does go wrong, there’s a better chance of recovering from it. I’ve held off from putting anything “new” in there for the moment, but there’s definitely some new features I’d like to squeeze in before I’m done with version 0.3.

If you’re brave and willing to give it a go, you can download the latest test version here:
Edit: This version has been released. Check here for the latest version. 

I would recommend uninstalling the old version before putting this one on your phone. You can read more detailed release notes on the download page.

Edit (13/07/2012): New new test version available!