New CorsixTH version and video

I’ve just pushed a new version of my port of CorsixTH to Android (v0.1.7). You can download it here

I figured this was worth posting about because this is the first version that doesn’t require any manual steps in order to get it up and running. You can just download the APK and the wizard will give you the option of downloading the demo version of Theme Hospital. Of course, you can still copy over a full version of Theme Hospital if you want, but the demo version will let you play a cut-down version without the hassle.

In other news, simonjonnemeth from GitHub has uploaded a superb video of the application on his YouTube channel which shows the full process from installing to playing.


32GB MicroSD card for ZTE Blade / Orange San Francisco

There seems to be a bit of confusion as to which 16GB cards are compatible with the ZTE Blade, let alone 32GB ones, but my lust for high quality music required me to upgrade from an 8GB card.

I went with the cheapest 32GB Class 10 MicroSD card I could find on Amazon, despite being a unknown brand, and found that it worked perfectly with about 10MB/s write and 14MB/s read which seems reasonable for the price and size. I can confirm that it works perfectly on my rooted Gen 1 Orange San Francisco phone running CM7, but I would hope that it would similarly work on any flavour of Android you choose to install.

Amazon link:KOMPUTERBAY 32GB Class 10 MicroSDHC Card 32 GB High Speed Micro SDHC with SDHC adapter and USB adapter

Running Theme Hospital on Android with CorsixTH

I’ve used the Android SDK for a few bits and pieces, but I’ve never tried to work with the Android NDK before. So, as an attempt to try to find my way around it, I set myself the goal of porting one of my favourite games – Theme Hospital – to the Android platform in the form of CorsixTH.

I’ve followed CorsixTH for a while, and they’ve made superb progress in recreating a Theme Hospital clone using the original assets from the game. There’s still a fairly extensive list of features in the original game that haven’t yet found their way into CorsixTH, but a large amount of the core game functionality is there.

CorsixTH has a great choice of open source libraries powering it, which actually made compiling it for Android surprisingly easy. In fact, SDL and some libraries that commonly accompany it have already been ported over with great success which really meant that all I had to do was rename a few functions and create a few makefiles to get it running; I’m sure that someone with experience with the NDK could do it in half the time it took me.

In any case, you can get the source code from my GitHub repository and there’s a link to the APK in the downloads section so that you can install it straight to your Android device without compiling the project yourself. I would happily invite anyone to fork the repository and make some improvements as there’s still a fair bit left to do, such as getting it to scale on different device resolutions and scrolling by dragging.



Download App

Download “CorsixTH for Android” CTH-release- – Downloaded 42928 times – 12 MB

Edit: Now also available on Google Play Store!