Here are some common questions that I get asked. If you feel like there’s something missing, please ask in the comments.


Q: Is this a demo version or can I play the full game?

A: You need to own the full version of Theme Hospital to play the full version, otherwise you will get the option to download the demo version when you first launch the game. Instructions on how to install the full version can be found here: Using the Full Version of Theme Hospital.


Q: Where can I get the full version of Theme Hospital?

If you have a physical CD, you can use that with CorsixTH. You can get the CD version from Amazon (UK)eBay (UK) or (UK) amongst others. Alternatively, the only known good source to download Theme Hospital is through


Q: What devices are supported?

A: You must have an Android device running Android 2.2 (Froyo) or greater. You must also have dual touch (ie. be able to do gestures like pinch-to-zoom) and a sufficiently large screen with a minimum resolution of 640×480. A quick Google search should tell you whether your device is sufficient or not.

A tablet is highly recommended.


Q: Is BlackBerry 10 supported?

A: Not at the moment.


Q: How do you pick up objects?

A: Press and hold on the object you wish to pick up. You should hear a sound effect.


Q: How do you rotate objects?

A: In place object mode or after you’ve picked up an item, press and hold anywhere on the screen to rotate it. You should hear a sound effect.


Q: What version of CorsixTH do you use?

A: Up to and including versions 0.4.x, the very latest commits from the CorsixTH trunk are included. Starting with 0.5, I use the latest released version with the exception of some critical bug fixes.


Q: How do I use custom maps?

A: You need to place the custom map files (.map and .level) into the following directory: /Android/data/ Do not confuse this Levels folder with the original Theme Hospital Levels folder (which should be full of .sam files), as custom maps here will not be detected by the game.


Q: Where can I get custom maps from?

A: The CorsixTH forum’s maps board is the best place to get good quality CorsixTH maps from.


Q: Can I use the saved games from the desktop version of CorsixTH or use the saved games from the Android port on the desktop?

A: Yes, this is possible starting with version 0.6. The saved games are located in the CTHsaves directory on your device.


Q: Where can I report bugs?

A: Bug reports should either be emailed to myself or submitted as issues on GitHub. Please search there first before contacting me or opening a new issue.


Q: The menu doesn’t appear on my Samsung Galaxy S4!

This is a known bug and only occurs on Android 4.2.2. If you can, upgrade to Android 4.3 where this bug is fixed. If you are unable to do so, a workaround is to press the volume button which should make the menu refresh.


Q: Do I need to patch or update Theme Hospital before playing?

No. Use the original files as they appear on your CD or as you downloaded them. Do not apply any patch or update. This includes the French patch to fix crashes.


Q: How do I pause or unpause the game?

Opening the menu will pause the game and closing the menu will return the game to its original speed. If you wish to pause the game to move around and observe the world, you can do so from the Change Game Speed option in the menu. Similarly, you can unpause from this same menu option.


Q: How do you scroll the map?

Drag with two fingers and the map will move.