It’s relatively simple to use the full version of Theme Hospital with CorsixTH for Android. You will need the following things:

  • A copy of Theme Hospital (see the FAQ for known good sources to get Theme Hospital)
  • A computer
  • A USB cable to connect your device to your computer

Then, follow these steps in order. They are written for Windows but the process should not be too dissimilar on Mac or Linux

  1. users only: Install Theme Hospital on your computer using the installation file as it is downloaded from Important: Take note of where it is installed to! You will need it laterGOG TH Installation
  2. Plug your Android device into your computer with a USB cable. Give it a minute or two to install the drivers.
  3. Check Computer/My Computer to see if your device is shown. If not, look in your notifications for an option to enable USB storage. If you get stuck here, check here for instructions with pictures.
  4. Open up the external storage (or internal if external does not exist).
  5. Create a folder called ‘th’Windows Explorer
  6. If you use the files from GOG then you need to copy the entire installation directory into this folder. If you use the CD version, you need to copy the entire contents of the CD into this folder. If you downloaded Theme Hospital as a .zip file, you need to extract the entire file into this folder. If it asks if you wish to convert any files, select no. The files you copy should look like this:

    Theme Hospital directory

  7. Disconnect the device from your PC.
  8. If you haven’t done already, download and install the latest version of CorsixTH for Android and run the CorsixTH app. The setup wizard should acknowledge that it has found the game files.Setup Wizard


  • hhaddow

    you dint need the whole cd only the ‘HOSP’ folder you don’t need ‘DOSSETUP’, ‘REDIST’, ‘WINSETUP’ or the autorun files/folders

    • Correct. It’s much easier to get people to copy over the whole thing though as there’s a number of different versions of the CDs out there and it saves a lot of bother when trying to troubleshoot.

  • Steven Hanlon

    I followed the instructions for the cd and the gog and niether work when I try to auto detect it says no files detected!

    • When you browse to the folder you extracted to, does it look vaguely like the screenshot?

  • Meera

    I installed from onto my windows, installed and cabled up my HTC to my laptop. However, whenever I try and copy the folder to my phone, I get errors saying it wont copy. If I retry, the same error pops up. If I click on skip the file, the next file in the ANIMS folder tries to copy, but the same error comes up for that too. Any suggestions? Maybe my memory on my phone is just too full?

    • Possible due to a faulty cable – do you have another you can try? What’s the error message that appears?

      It’s definitely worth checking if you’re out of storage space on your phone – you can do that in Settings -> Storage.

      • Nouldoudou

        Using AirDroid could be a solution…

  • justin

    awesome. works on my nexus 7 and the wifes samsung galaxy note 8. thanks very much

  • k brown

    Is there any chance to bypass having to use home pc to get files? My laptop crashed and I love this game!!

    • Richard Smith

      Buy it then.

      • k brown

        If you read what I said; my computer had crashed and I have owned this game from many years. But that does no good good with a crashed computer. Richard Smith

  • Danielle

    Hi Alan. I’m trying to install TH that I bought from gog, from my macbook to a sony phone, via andoid file transfer. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing wrong, but the game is still a demo on my phone. Should I use a windows pc to transfer instead?

    • You don’t _need_ a windows PC per se, but you’ll need to follow similar steps for OSX. I’m not familiar with that platform enough to be able to give detailed steps though – sorry.

      • Danielle

        I used a windows PC, I see the files as shown in your photos, they are in my phone looking exactly the same but the auto detect won’t find the files and I don’t know how to find out the location of the files in my phone, how do I do that? Thank you for replying. I’m not very computer savvy and appreciate you taking time to reply.

  • rina

    tq very much. Now can play after install to my galaxy tab 4.

  • nicky

    Hi. I have a samsung tablet. I downloaded the demo and now have downloaded the original files. I have re run the set up wizard and the files have been automatically detected but it’s still stuck on demo settings? Can you help?

    • I would suggest clearing the app data. This will remove the demo files.

      • TammyNance

        Thank you so very much! I had the same problem and now it works. Awesome game Alan. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  • Josh

    Just leaving this here in case it’s helpful for Mac users:
    GOG’s Mac version of Theme Hospital is actually the Windows version wrapped in DOSBOX. All of the files CorsixTH are in there, but finding them is not entirely intuitive. After installing Theme Hospital and completing steps 1-5 above, follow these instead of step 6:
    1. Open your Applications folder. (from the Desktop: Go -> Applications)
    2. Find Theme Hospital, right click -> Show Package Contents
    3. Navigate to Contents > Resources
    4. Right click on “Theme Hospital.boxer” -> Show Package Contents
    5. Open the “C.harddisk” directory and copy these files to the th folder on your SD card

    Alan, your port is actually excellent. Have a feeling I’m going to waste hours playing this. 😀
    Can I pop you a small donation?

    • Rina

      I desperately need help. Initially I followed the instructions & it worked just fine until there wasn’t any sound. So my itchy hands jusst had to uninstall & re-install everything.

      Now it won’t detect the files on Setup Wizard. What can I do? I’m using Sam Galaxy S5 & have tried auto-detecting using the setup.exe & also using your method above but still no avail. Pls help….

      • Make sure you have unplugged your phone from your computer when you run the app. This can sometimes interfere with the detection of the game files.

    • BrandeX

      ” actually the Windows version wrapped in DOSBOX”
      That literally makes no sense.

  • jastonas

    What about us Origin users?

    • Cibb

      ¡Same question here!

      • jastonas

        check my answer to Maxpull.

    • I’ve not tested it, but it should work fine with the Origin version too.

      You’ll need to look in your origin games folder, which is by default in “C:Program Files (x86)Origin Games”. Inside that, you need to copy the “Theme HospitaldataGame” folder to your Android phone/tablet, just the same as above. The final result should look very similar.

      • Maxpull

        Copied the files from the Origin folder, the game 6 detected it but it loops back to the “welcome to CorsixTH” and language selection after I press Play!

      • jastonas

        Unfortuntaley, I had no luck with Origin folder as well. I had to find Theme Hospital from another source…..

      • I’ve heard of this issue before, but never been able to reproduce it myself. I’d appreciate any more information you have on your device + setup so I can start to build a bigger understanding.

      • I get the same thing, on Android Lollipop. It seems to me that it’s related to the new media permissions where you need to launch the official picker to be allowed to read the th directory.

      • Perhaps, but I’d expect many more reports of this issue if that were the case. I’m suspecting either a different storage mount location that I haven’t considered, or something having exclusive access to the storage – e.g. mounted over USB.

      • Yeah, you’re right, I unlocked my SD card completely and this still happens. I doubt it’s exclusive access to the storage, I had my SD card mounted pretty vanilla, and it was just under /storage/sdcard/1/th. I can’t speculate as to what it may be either…

      • I have the Origin version on my PC. I copied the /Game folder to my phone’s folder named /th, but it didn’t work. So I moved the contents of /Game to /th, and it works just fine.

  • Try unplugging your phone from your PC after copying. Sometimes the storage becomes inaccessible or doesn’t update for apps if it is in use over USB.

  • Yes, but it’s quite involved and a bit tricky. I’ve another app called “Inno Setup Extractor” that you can use to extract the download directly on your tablet. If you search on the Play Store then there’s instructions on how to use it.

  • I responded to the same question from Maxpull. Unfortunately, I’ve not seen this before and can’t reproduce it, so I’d appreciate any more information you have.


    Doesn’t work for me. I just get this message using gog files

  • Joseph Roberts


    I want to play this game but I am getting the start menu looping behavior other people have commented on.

    I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge running Android 5.02.
    I brought the game from GOG and copied the contents of “C:GOG GamesTheme Hospital…” to a folder called “th” in the root directory of my phone.

    Is there any more information I can give to help find a solution?