Inno Setup Extractor

Inno Setup Extractor is an open source Android application that allows you to extract installers created using Inno Setup. Many Windows installers are created using Inno Setup, such as those distributed by

It does not allow you to run executables, convert them to APKs, or extract installers that are not Inno Setup installers. If you need to do any of those things then you should look elsewhere.

You can download the latest version from the Google Play Store or directly from the GitHub repository.

At the heart of Inno Setup Extractor is a port of innoextract by Daniel Scharrer. This app would not be possible without the innoextract library.

Inno Setup Extractor


  • I’m pleased to announce v4.0.0 of Inno Setup Extractor, which is now available for download from the Google Play Store and GitHub. Inno Setup Extractor is a project I started almost 10 years ago as a way to extract Inno Setup installers on Android. At the time, I was maintaining a port of CorsixTH for…

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