Beta Testing CorsixTH for Android

The Google Play Store now lets me publish beta versions so that they can be tested by volunteers before they go live to the rest of the world! If you’re interested in helping me out and improving the quality of the app then please read on…

Follow these two simple steps and you’ll have any new beta versions pushed to your device automatically:

  1. Join the CorsixTH community on G+. You don’t need to post or anything, Google just uses it for authentication to make sure you’re allowed to use the beta versions. (Whilst you’re at it, feel free to circle me too!)
  2. Click here to opt in to beta testing.

Any feedback, bugs etc. should be reported by sending me a message on G+, emailing me or opening an issue on the GitHub Issue Tracker (preferred).

Please note, there’s a high chance of there being critical bugs which may delete your saved games. Don’t opt-in if you’re at all concerned about that. I won’t be uploading these beta versions anywhere else apart from the Play Store, so at the moment this is the only way to download them.