CorsixTH now on Google Play Store

I’ve finally taken the step to publish my port of CorsixTH to the Google Play Store. This means that you’ll no longer have to check for updates here but now you can get them automatically as I upload them¬†instead.

I’ve been hesitant to do it before because I’ve always thought that the quality of my port was such that it would negatively affect people’s opinions of the CorsixTH project as a whole, so I’d like to reinstate that just because I’ve published it to Google Play doesn’t mean that I think it’s finished. There’s still a lot of work to be done and there’s more than enough bugs and suggestions to keep me going for a long time. I think the reviewers on Google Play can be especially harsh about things like this, so I’ve tried to make it very clear about what to expect.

I’ll keep updating the version hosted here though as I’m aware that not all Android devices can run the Google Play Store. I hope to publish it to the Amazon App Store and others in the future sometime for these people, but for now, here and Google Play are the places you should get it from. It’ll probably be the last time a lot of you will visit this blog from now on, but I’ll keep updating it with (hopefully) interesting things that pop up along the way, so I hope you’ll be back.

Oh, and as one last thing. If you use Google+, please feel free to join the new CorsixTH community (

Running Theme Hospital on Android with CorsixTH

I’ve used the Android SDK for a few bits and pieces, but I’ve never tried to work with the Android NDK before. So, as an attempt to try to find my way around it, I set myself the goal of porting one of my favourite games – Theme Hospital – to the Android platform in the form of CorsixTH.

I’ve followed CorsixTH for a while, and they’ve made superb progress in recreating a Theme Hospital clone using the original assets from the game. There’s still a fairly extensive list of features in the original game that haven’t yet found their way into CorsixTH, but a large amount of the core game functionality is there.

CorsixTH has a great choice of open source libraries powering it, which actually made compiling it for Android surprisingly easy. In fact, SDL and some libraries that commonly accompany it have already been ported over with great success which really meant that all I had to do was rename a few functions and create a few makefiles to get it running; I’m sure that someone with experience with the NDK could do it in half the time it took me.

In any case, you can get the source code from my GitHub repository and there’s a link to the APK in the downloads section so that you can install it straight to your Android device without compiling the project yourself. I would happily invite anyone to fork the repository and make some improvements as there’s still a fair bit left to do, such as getting it to scale on different device resolutions and scrolling by dragging.



Download App

Download “CorsixTH for Android” CTH-release- – Downloaded 42776 times – 12 MB

Edit: Now also available on Google Play Store!

Restoring animation in Windows Vista/7 Games

If you’ve found that the Windows games that come bundled with Windows Vista and Windows 7 no longer animate, it’s likely that you’ve tweaked with the options that determine the balance between visual effects and performance in Windows.

To fix this, press the Windows Key + Pause/Break simultaneously to bring up the System window. Select Advanced system settings from the options on the left and choose the top Settings button under Performance.  On the visual effects tab, ensure that Animate controls and elements inside windows is checked and click Ok.

Performance Options

This will restore animations in games such as Solitaire, Freecell and Spider Solitaire at the expense of also enabling animated windows controls in other applications.